I want all of you to know that this blog is a labor of love. I had all these ideas and would tell people how to do things when one day, my grandson said “Grandma, you need to write this stuff down”. I began to do just that. Then my daughter said “Mom, you need to write a blog”. So, five months later, it’s finally done.

Welcome to my little corner of the world. My name is Sandi and I live in a tiny apartment with 600 plus skeins of yarn, about 500 pounds of fabric, and Cornelius the Big Orange Cat.

I am a non-smoker but share (almost) the entire house with him…except the Yarn Room.

I just turned 58, but I prefer to think of it as 28 with 30 years of experience. My grandma Lola taught me to crochet when I was just 4 and after that I was “hooked”. By the time I was in Jr. High, I was selling vests and matching skirts to classmates for 5.00. Don’t laugh, I made a profit in 1967! And, I always got an A in Home Economics!

As you can see by the photos in the album, I crocheted my wedding dress. I have been the ‘go to gal’ when it came to baby blankets, birthday and holiday presents, and I even traded an afghan once for a tune up on my car. When my daughter was 12, she wanted a sweater from me for school pictures…the next day! With a big hook and some lost sleep, I made the sweater in time.

When my sister got married, I crocheted all the boutonnieres and flowers, as well as sewed all the bridal party outfits.

However, my biggest accomplishment till now was crocheting 14,000 feet of chain for a Marion-Polk Food Share Fundraiser from 10-1-12 to 11-21-12. Now that was a labor of love!!

I often feel like Aladdin’s Genie…So much Creativity and a Tiny Living Space! But, I make do. I actually moved my living room to the bedroom, and now the living room/dining area is the craft room and office. Yeah, it’s cramped but organized.

My love of, and some might say obsession for organization started when my parents and I traveled around Washington and Oregon selling Successful Farming Magazines. Mom had “grown up” stuff up front and the stock in the trunk. But the back seat was my little “room”.

In it was a nice place to sleep, a suitcase for my clothes, some of the best scenery in the country, and “the box”. This magical container held all the things that kept me occupied during the long stretches of road between towns. Books, View Finders, kaleidoscopes, and as always, there was a crochet project or two.

And I absolutely hate wasting money. I almost always go the thrift stores to find fabric, yarn, buttons, and all manner of supplies. The lovely thing about this form of shopping is that some things are ‘second hand’ but not ‘used’.

For instance, a bag of unrolled skeins of yarn for 5.95 might net me 35.00 of yarn but has never been used.That 2.5 yards of fabric hanging on the rack for .75 is still intact and good to go. I could go to a craft supply store and pay 2.99 for 6 wooden hearts, but when I can get them for .50, I would be a fool to pass it up.

It’s also a wonderful place to get things to “repurpose”. Tea cup sets become pin cushions or candles, that flannel shirt is perfect for a new vest, denim is useful for more things than I can count, a wooden tissue box can be painted or burned for a rustic look, and clothes in general give us buttons, zippers and so much more.

In my website, you will find a variety of inexpensive, easy, and very cute things to purchase premade or as a kit. With these kits, you can make someone a gift, give them the kit as a gift, or keep it yourself.  I will have seasonal and non-seasonal things, baby and pet cuties, and repurposed crafts and tips for you to save time and work. Something we all need these days!

I am starting out small, but will be adding new things each week.

So pull up a chair, grab a cup of something wonderful, and join me for however much time you have. If you can’t visit often, no worries, I will be here with new stuff for you.