This is me, Sandi (aka Miss Elaine Yus) enjoying some of my craft goodies.Welcome to Sandi’s virtual world. Once you enter, you will have to stop and “scritchle” Cornelius, The Big Red Tabby. Once you have paid homage to him, grab a cup of something wonderful and follow me!

We will meander through yarn, fabric, and thread. Once we are done there, past wood, paint, plaster and molds. But I caution you…if we wander into the bead room, we may never get out!

On my site you will find a variety of items to download or purchase.

And before I forget…this lovely shot was done by

My Craft Store and More:  In the store you will find kits, completed products and things to order. It will be stocked almost every day so keep coming back.

Fabrics: I have fabric squares in custom sizes and fat quarters.

Crochet: You can custom order Granny Sets that you can find in just about any color or size you want.  Don’t see it, just ask!

Thread Crafts: Find patterns and ideas for things beyond doilies!

Patterns: Some I made and some are passed on from free sites. You can make things to keep or share.

Supplies: I will have embellishments, lace, ribbon, buttons, wood pieces and more. Things that are good finds are good thing to pass on.

Kits: I have made up some very simple, cute and inexpensive kits. You can purchase them to give, or to make and keep or give away.

So please enjoy my site often as I will add new things every week!

Sandi Allen